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Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2018

Mobile ADHOC Networks - A Novel Security System

Ilakkiyavani R Monisha D Kavitha M S

  • Abstract

    Adhoc Network is a autonomous, continuously self-configuring, infrastructure less network and mobile devices may depend on its type of application, which is wirelessly connected.In a MANET, each device is free to move independently in any direction, and change its links frequently to other devices.An important concern is the secure transmission of information in wireless adhoc environment. We propose to use shared cryptography for secure message communication in this paper.Any type of information is divided into multiple shares and transmit the different shares through multiple disjoint paths between communication nodes,even in different point of time.The original information is reconstructed at the receiving end.To withstand loss of some shares,we proposed to have redundancy in the number of shares which is due to the loss in transmission or security attacks.It is more effective in energy saving distributed environment where end processors with low battery driven are used and a major challenge is the security.

  • Keywords

    Adhoc Network, Security threats, Information sharing, Malicious node,Shared Cryptography, Threshold Cryptograpgy,and Network layer attacks.

  • Author Affiliations

    Ilakkiyavani R 1

    Monisha D 1

    Kavitha M S 1

    1. Sri Eshwar College of EngineeringCoimbatore,Tamilnadu, India
  • Dates

    Manuscript received : 03 December 2017
    Manuscript revised   : 14 January 2018
    Accepted                     : 24 February 2018

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    Ilakkiyavani R, Monisha D, Kavitha M S, Int.j.of IJACCS(2018)


    Print ISSN           : 2347 - 9280
    Online ISSN        : 2347 - 9299
    Publisher Name  : Sri Eshwar Publications, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

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