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Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2017

Design of an Algorithm for Image Steganography using Fractal Mathematics

Hetal N. Patel Dipanjali R. Khant Darshana Prajapati

  • Abstract

    In order to improve the security of steganography system, we use fractal images as it has tremendous properties, such as ease of generation, sensitive dependence on their initial conditions,self-similarity and details at every scale. Information is embedded during creating fractal images by secret information. The receiver can extract the secret information by comparing the difference between Stego-Images and Cover- Images recovered with the same initial parameters. The attackers can't recover the Cover-Images without the initial parameters.The simulation results shows the imperceptibility and undetectability of the proposed algorithm.The value of PSNReachedup to46, and the value of MSE is vary between the range 0.04 to 3, as well as the value of NCreached up to0.9974and the scale (RGB Histogram) shows very minor difference.

  • Keywords

    steganography, fractal images,Mandelbrot set,Steganalysis, NC, MSE, PSNR

  • Author Affiliations

    Hetal N. Patel 1

    Dipanjali R. Khant 1

    Darshana Prajapati2

    1. A. D. Patel Institute of Technology New V.V. Nagar, Anand, India
    2. M& B Patel Women's Institute of Engineering New V.V. Nagar, Anand, India
  • Dates

    Manuscript received : 04 December 2017
    Manuscript revised   : 03 January 2017
    Accepted                     : 20 February 2017

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    Hetal N. Patel, Dipanjali R. Khant, Darshana Prajapati, Int.j.of IJACCS(2017)


    Print ISSN           : 2347 - 9280
    Online ISSN        : 2347 - 9299
    Publisher Name  : Sri Eshwar Publications, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

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