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Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2014

Content Based Image Retrieval Based on Global and Region Content of an Image

H. Kavitha M.V.Sudhamani

  • Abstract

    In this paper we present efficient content based image retrieval system based on the visual features like texture and color. In our work the first step is the extraction of the texture features by using the Gabor filters form the whole image or for region formed after segmentation. Gabor filter (or Gabor wavelet) is widely adopted in image retrieval systems to extract texture features from images and has been efficient. Therefore, we use the Gabor shown to be very filter to extract global texture features from the image. In order to speed up retrieval the HSV color features are retrieved for both the entire image and the segmented regions. The experiments were carried out with COIL-100 and Wang’s image dataset. The experimental results show that the current work is significantly better than the existing systems.

  • Keywords

    Content based image retrieval; Region based features; Global based features; Texture; Color; Gabor filter.

  • Author Affiliations

    H. Kavitha 1

    M.V.Sudhamani 2

    1. Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, India.
    2. RNS Institute of Technology, Benguluru, India.
  • Dates

    Manuscript received : 02 January 2014
    Manuscript revised   : 01 March 2014
    Accepted                     : 20 May 2014

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    H. Kavitha & M.V.Sudhamani, Int.j.of IJACCS(2014).


Print ISSN           : 2347 - 9280
Online ISSN        : 2347 - 9299
Publisher Name  : Sri Eshwar Publications, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

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