Author Guidelines

All authors are supposed to submit the manuscript containing original contents. The manuscript which has not been simultaneously submitted to, nor published in any other publication channels, solely can be accepted.

If the same paper is found appearing or published in any other publication, the paper will be automatically rejected. The paper previously published in other minor publications such as conference, workshop, seminar, or proceedings can be eligible for being reviewed and published in the Transactions. But we require that the paper be substantially revised with at least 25% new contents which have never been published in the previous publications.

The revised manuscript version should include expansion of key ideas, examples, explanations, figures, tables, elaborations, etc. The manuscript should indicate its previously published conference name and date as a footnote in the left bottom of the first page. Authors very briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantial novel contributions beyond those of the previously published paper(s) or proceedings.

Manuscript Format

The IJACCS is a multidisciplinary journal. Its readership is spread across many disciplines. Therefore, the authors should give enough background to the topic to help readers understand the context of the review article. This should be followed by a comprehensive discussion of the topic up to the present. Authors may include, at the end of their article, their perspectives on the future challenges and opportunities in that field.

There are no upper limits on the length of the article. You are allowed to submit your article in MS Word/Latex or any other editable version (please note we do not accept PDF files).

The article will be published in online and printed version. The authors should use colour in their illustrations (figures and tables) to make them most effective.

Multidisciplinary review articles appearing in this journal are meant for readers from different disciplines. Hence, a useful feature of these articles is a short explanatory note of the terms that might be widely known within a particular field, but not known to researchers in other fields. These explanatory notes will appear in the margins. The authors should use their judgment to identify such terms and provide short explanations (one to three sentences). When the authors submit the papers, the terms should be highlighted in the text in some way (different colour, italics, etc.) to help the typesetter decide the location of the explanatory terms.

All articles should be comprehensively referenced. The references should be cited as IEEE indexing numbers within the text of the article. The bibliographic information of the references should include the names of all the authors including initials (e.g., G.N. Ramachandran), the title of the article within quotes, the name of the journal in italics, volume and issue number, and page numbers (e.g., pp. 234-267) in this order. For books, theses, and reports, the publisher/institution information should be provided in lieu of the name of the journal and the volume and issue number.

Short biographies and photographs of all the authors should be provided along with the article.The e-mail address of the contact author should be given.

Although the articles for this journal are solicited or invited by the guest editor, they will be sent for review to ensure readability and clarity for a multidisciplinary audience. Hence, the authors are requested to suggest three or four possible reviewers to the guest editor. The suggested reviewers should be well aware of the topic so that they can provide useful feedback.

The authors should ensure that their article is thoroughly proofread both at the time of submission and after the proofs are provided to them just before publication.

NOTE: Copy Right Permission: You are welcome to use any figures/diagram/tables etc., from any other publications authored by you with a prior permission from the publisher.

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